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World Clean Water Campaign

Making a splash for 'Water Week'

When the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust [The Garden House, Water End, York YO30 6WQ. UK] wanted to Grant aid Six World Visionaries for five years full time work towards a  'Just and Peaceful World', we nominated Grant Jessť, our Chair and Co-Founder. Grant is our in-house "Visionary" and has been the main resident 'Spirit' at World of Water - since the death of our other Founder, A.E.D Taylor.

Grant's application was not successful on this occassion but we are thankful in one way as he is thus able to remain Chair of World of Water. Our Campaign message needs to be voiced globally so we are keen to be in contact with more of the World's media, publicity and promotional chiefs. If you know of any that will help us highlight the problems and solutions, their help and support will be invaluable so please forward their contact details to us and we'll contact them.

Included below are some of the questions asked by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Whilst the answers given by Grant are personal, they provide a rare insight into some of the very founding thoughts that helped spawn our Charity and continue to spirit our progress.

Whilst World of Water reviewed the answers given and reproduced here they reflect Grant's personal views and aims thus do not necessarily form part of the World of Water governing instrument namely its Memorandum and Articles of Association or the World Clean Water Campaign.

World Visionaries for a  'Just and Peaceful World'

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Initiative

   What's your vision to shape a better world ?

My vision is to stop the threat of 'Water Wars' by promoting a World
  Clean Water Campaign - a vital task we must all work towards regardless
of race, gender, creed or geographical location.

                   I work to ensure that people, worldwide, realise that 'water' must be kept fresh and clean for the benefit of 'life' whether used by people, plants, birds, fish or insects.  Clean fresh water must stay freely available and must not fall into short supply through mismanagement. I will be helping to shape the better world by getting everyone to focus on this vital, shared concern and then getting them to work towards achieving and maintaining a World Clean Water Environment.

Whilst the UN may realize this need at a government and political level, it is my work to get each individual consumer to pick up the cudgels and act. This way, my vision is turned into solid reality.

Where did this idea originate and how did it develop ?

I started writing poems about oil spills on beaches when aged nine and would rescue sea life tangled in discarded netting. At school I wrote essays where I would insist that it was possible to win the race against pollution and awaken people to the damage we are all causing to the balance of Mother Nature.

At 18 years, I studied Aquaculture and by 23 was working as part of a research team on fish production projects funded by Fisons, BP, Shell, Hoechst UK, BOC, IMI, Tomatin Distillers, Highlands and Islands, Dev. Board. When asked to trial new growth hormone feeds on Rainbow Trout and Salmon, I realised that Aquaculture was going the way of Agriculture and left the industry that I had hoped would grow to feed the World. At 30 years, I co-founded the UK's only Charity devoted to
Campaigning for Clean Water for all water reliant life. Today I Chair that Charity.

Why do you believe the idea is crucial ?

Clean usable Fresh Water for all life is the crucial idea created by Nature, not me. It is certainly crucial to preserve quality life on Earth and my personal reason for this is because the journey of life fascinates me and the outcome deserves to be reached by those generations that follow us in the most healthy of environments we can leave them.

How will you set about achieving your vision ?

By continuing a programme of teaching awareness, promoting understanding and a passion for 'tomorrow'. By networking with those that create the problems and helping them with creative solutions - hands-on. By stirring the Media of the World to appreciate that this 'vision' is on behalf of every living thing as 'water' has no barriers - we share every drop of it every nano-second, and always have done.

By developing links with fine groups around the World . By creating a central online hub to correlate projects, feedback and results. By encouraging other's through practical progressive actions and talks.

What help will you need e.g. people, resources, funding ?

I need to win the support of Consumers.  This is vital for we all consume thus contribute to the present situation. I will need an excellent dedicated P.A. or two as work increases.

Intent is all. I know that if it is meant for me to follow this vision, then
donations will arrive, people and resources will be forthcoming - this is what faith is all about and my faith is in human nature and its ability to recognise the best way forward when helped to understand the options. Whilst I devote my energies on the help I can give, the World will provide exactly the help I need at the right time.

Where will the work be carried out, what part of the World will benefit and will there be a geographical limit to your work ?

One drop of water, then two, then a lake, a sea and the clouds themselves. There can be no geographical limit to this Vision by its very nature. The beauty of the 'message' is that it is the same message whichever language you use to tell it.

The Work needs to be carried out globally. First in pockets of activity ; these pockets need to spread till they touch so as to cover the planet.

During the five years, how will you know - and how will we know - that you are making progress ?

Buildings and lungs look cleaner and stay cleaner longer when you keep pollution out of the air. Rivers when cleaned up allow flora and fauna to breed. Such clear markers of progress are as easy to see as those of regress.

Whilst good and bad results clock up lineage in the press, true progress is when poor quality short-term thinkers are converted into top quality long term ones and we start seeing this reflect in Personal, Company and Country mission statements and actions. I will publish all developments on the WoW Web site and develop a results-based 'indicator'. I'll produce quarterly reviews and annual summaries for you.

How will the World - or a part of it - be more just and/or more peaceful after 5 years of your work and passionate commitment ?

Peace in our times is something we all have to battle to secure and then work to maintain. My commitment to this work is born of my ongoing passion and respect for fellow creatures and my wish that they should also live a natural quality life - we depend upon them.

It is more 'just' to preserve water supplies for villages than to set up commercial water bottling plants alongside villages that lower aquifer levels and force villagers to buy water they once collected freely.

It is more 'just' to work towards preventing 'water wars' than it is to create water shortages by benefiting from wood sales following deforestation and mismanagement.

The 'just' World I work to evolve, is one that understands balance and through my devotion to teaching and promoting balance, the World will be spirited closer to attaining balance following my next five years and my lifetime.

Why are you best placed to take this idea forward ?

Those 'best placed' to make the changes just get on with it. Others are no doubt following their vision and supporting other journeys that need to be taken. I am the best person 'placed' to follow my vision  - I am following it at this very moment and sharing it with you.

What risks are you taking, what might stop the work being effective and how would you try to overcome challenges and risks ?

It is a greater risk for action NOT to be taken on this vision thus any risks I take pale in insignificance. The work has to be effective - like a baton race, I will take the vision as far as my energies allow, and then some more. Some came before me, many are with me, even more will follow. Challenges are placed to be overcome, it is their nature. There are many ways to approach challenges and the best way is to use creative stamina which, thank goodness, I seem to harvest from living.

After five years, will your work be complete or will it require further development by you or by others ?

It will take longer than 5 years because the paths are many and some are uphill. Some will be there to actively block the vision's progress because it will mean 'changes' - too few court 'changes', especially if they see no short term gain. Others will follow - I will see it through for as long as I breathe. Section 3 - About You

What have you done in the past that prepares you for this challenge and how does this application build on - or divert you from - your current skills, experience and interests ?

I have made my 'Life' my training ground - everything I do, 'compounds'. I only seek and accept assistance that supports my direction and vision.

In relation to your vision, what do you consider to be your greatest achievement ?

Making a lot from the little I have received and maintaining the stamina to continue.

How do you see the transition to becoming a Visionary ?


What will you do at the end of the five year period ?

Press on with regard, love and thanks, carrying another torch that forever burns brightly saying "There are many who care and when the time is right, those you meet along the way are placed there"

What inspires and nourishes you and what are your values and your view of the world.

People inspire and nourish me. I publish my views and activities online for friends and wanderers in a journal / note form at because the feedback I get is international and multiculturally nourishing. I value all life and take the view that we should all work towards attaining 'Worldly Wisdom'. The first step to this is to understand the balance that Mother Nature is holding and work to support her, not against her.

Though no individual experiences the full development and fall of 'Civilisations', the communal spirit both creates and destroys these orchard harvests. The evergreen Civilisation we work to grow, shares the harvests and loves to share. At the moment, I cannot view the World through my evergreen glasses because they do not work, but by sharing my vision and working my given moments towards achieve it, I may help to clarify the position we are in and the direction we must head.

For further information on Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Visionaries Click HERE

With your Donations and our 'Grant ' Aid, the World Clean Water Campaign will continue to work towards a  'Just and Peaceful World'.

We can only ever achieve the aims we set out to achieve and to reach these aims we must build bridges of understanding and never allow them to decay through neglect.

We must stir the hearts of kindredship and unite those who run for fear with those who attack in hate, for if we continue to culture fear with hate we will forever go round and round firing rounds at eachother.

A 'Just and Peaceful' World will take further generations to achieve. It's a slow process and the biggest problem is that we need to achieve it quickly. The effort expended on perpetuating the old ways of injustice and war needs to be spent fast on problems closer to home otherwise 'Rome II will burn as we fiddle around fighting and feuding'.

It's surprisingly easy to ignore the most important of life's values when fighting for power, pride, possessions and political values. Too many see 'Freedom' as the main goal, whether it's freedom to drop-out of something or freedom to drop-into another's something.

This Planet cannot afford total freedom for all to do whatever they please with no respect for others. We cannot affort one person, one group or one nation to contaminate shared resources like fresh breathable air, clean useable earth and pure drinkable water because the price is too high. We cannot buy a replacement Planet Home if we muck this one up.

World of Water have one central 'Health' aim. Whilst generations upon generations debate their status and social aims, we realise that this Planet struggles to perpetuate its highly complex food chain. The present food chain which feeds us all, depends upon keeping the environment clear of harmful accumulating contaminants that causes problems for Nature.

The World Clean Water Campaign needs to be won - it's clear. We need to make this clear to everyone. Please help us to spread our message and action our projects by donating what you can afford.

Don't give up on the World, your planet needs you

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