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World Clean Water Campaign

Help us to spread the word - Worldwide

Tell all your Friends - Worldwide


Between us, we will make a BIG Splash
 ripple across the World to every shore

World Clean Water Campaign

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around the World and you will be helping to alert the World to the most important issue facing everyone, regardless of race, location, beliefs and gender.

World of Water

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We all need to rely on eachother if we are to keep this Planet from getting totally messed up.

By diving into this Worldwide Campaign, you will be helping everyone and all life because everything that grows needs to have clean water.
Clean Water is vital.

It's great to know you found our site so stay in contact with us, and say hello again.


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Working with the Media

Wherever you are in the World, celebrate Clean Water everyday.  If the Water around you is not clean, start your own LOCAL CAMPAIGN and send us a WoW picture for our growing gallery. We are here to help you make a difference so get in touch and tell us your news.

World of Water's "KEEP ME CLEAN" poster (See WoW in Print)

Get your own Local WoW Action Group


This World of Water Campaign needs wider World Press coverage.


Help the World Campaign and start a group local to you.

If you know any journalists or media reporters, tell them all about the WoW Campaign and how important it is to keep Water Habitats clean in every part of the World.

To start, get some friends together for a general meet-up to chat about local points of interest regarding water and the environment, then keep sharing your fresh ideas with your group and online with a World of New Friends. Drop by drop, your activity will develop and get the support you need for ever bigger projects.   We can change things, together. 

World of Water Trustees and Staff at Woodlands Hospital holding a Water Day of WoW Storytelling with cake.

Where there's MUCK there's

mucky money

It's up to YOU and to ME
to open the World's Eyes. It's a BIG job for Supporters

Don't give up on the World, it needs YOU!

Every drop of good attention you give the World counts.

Spend a few moments every day caring more for the environment and be amoungst friends here at World of Water. For this Campaign to work, all of us need to join together, freely and with a powerful spirit to win

We all use the same one global water supply - it's all we've got and ALL contaminants work their way down into the Sea from everything we do. The World has to stop creating waste and we have to stop fooling ourselves that we are getting rid of pollution just because we can't see it on the surface of everything. "We all live Downstream" (RORE  2006)

Spread the Word, it's NEVER time to give up on the World

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World Clean Water Campaign