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World Clean Water Campaign

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Certificate Designed
for World of Water
by Artist T.P.Griffiths

Style : Formal   A3

Those who care about the Planet and already do things to help the Environment, may download their :

FREE WoW Certificate

Style : Toon   A4 

By downloading your FREE WoW Certificate, You will be joining together with those who care for the World Water Environment.      Click one above or design your own.



Our Charity wants to add to this Certificate Design selection so contact us and donate your design style. You will be helping the Campaign and getting an International Showcase for your work

We are proud to know You, and will always be happy to have your support,  forever.

By printing out your Certificate and displaying it for all to see, You will be helping us to reach thousands more with our
World Clean Water Campaign message.  Thank You.

Certificate Designed
for World of Water by Cartoonist  'Mitch'



 If You have already downloaded your Personal Certificate, and want to sent one to a friend that is not Internet connected, open this page in a new browser window and select a style for them

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World Clean Water Campaign