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Storytelling - a celebration of World Book Day everyday

000248A special World Book Day question ...

Why do we write and tell stories?

The following words from ‘The Art of the Storyteller’ by Beverley Mathias, say it all:

“Storytellers are the direct medium between the story and the audience, able to change pace, alter or explain a difficult point, dramatize or play down an event, according to the needs of those listening.

We tell stories …

  • To help children to learn, to listen.
  • To enlarge the listener’s vocabulary.
  • To extend a child’s knowledge of the worlds of fact and fantasy.
  • To stimulate the listener’s imagination.
  • To create an appetite for words.
  • To introduce the shared activity of storytelling – from author or teller to audience”.

If you share some or all of the above aims, make contact so we can grow the storytelling tradition together.

Our stories ‘travel’ as written texts, oral tales and picture books and we welcome all new opportunities to author, illustrate and tell stories at formal events and informal get-togethers. Let me know about your intended audience - their likely age, interests and listening experience.

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Posted by : Grant
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Posted by grant at February 28, 2011 06:55 PM
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