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Frank Buckland

Portrait by Grant of Frank Buckland

I did some research a while back on the whereabouts of articles from the 'Museum of Economic Fish Culture' and found that a lot of them, most in fact, had been destroyed by the 'Board of Survey' or somesuch because they suffered damage in the First World War. A few items went back to their owners and some others went to a fishing museum in the UK. We 'lost' a lot but Frank's life touched many as he lived it the importance of using 'today' to the full.

I mention Frank here because he is a good example of high human 'effort' and one that I like. Like Darwin and Da Vinci, Frank Buckland followed his insight at a time when others were following the tracks of an established trail. UK readers might imagine him as a Victorian David Bellamy having the enthusiasm and energy to make his understandings sparkle in the minds of his fellow beings.

Through history, many individuals keep going against the odds and many die in relative obscurity having spirited what might seem to be only a small and close group of immediate friends. But there is nothing that leads me to believe that the more widespread a thought, the better it is. Frank Buckland put pen to paper and published, thus can 'talk' to countless millions for as long as the British Library keep away the paper mites. Today, with the ease of publishing 'keyboard to disk', text is being created in profusion that will fade far faster but will go far further during its digital life.

It is amazing to think of the effort that some people put into life and Frank Buckland was one of those fun humans that was so keen on doing so many things. He was a visionary because he flexed his curiosity as you would a muscle. He would eat new foods, seek out new people, think that extra mile and might have made a good captain of the 'Starship Enterprise'. I think Frank Buckland was skilled at exercising his mind to keep it fresh and at all times, wide 'open'.

This 'openess' plays a vital role in the way society develops - those with closed minds can severely damage their health and the health of all peoples and all other lifeforms.

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Posted by : Grant
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Posted by grant at May 11, 2010 12:09 AM
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